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For the love of grandparents...Grandparents Day is September 12

Grandparents are some of the most special people in the world, just ask their grandkids! From sleepovers to sharing inside jokes, the grandparent/grandchild bond is one to be envied. 

The Lentz family of Moore knows that bond well. Zach and Jocelyn, along with their four children, love having grandparents nearby. Zach’s parents, Bob and Nancy, live in Simpsonville and everyone agrees it is wonderful to have them close. From date night babysitters to giving out parenting wisdom, it’s a win-win situation for all three generations of the family.

“Having our parents close by means they can spend as much time as they would like with their grandchildren,” Zach said. “And for us, it’s a babysitter or someone to pick them up from school.”

The children love spending time with their grandparents as well. Carly Lentz, 14, is the oldest grandchild and she loves to spend time hanging out with her Meme and Pawpaw. Her grandparents have helped her through some tough times and have been by their sides through thick and thin. She said she knows they love her and her siblings because of how they show it with sleepovers, attending events, and doling out plenty of hugs. 

Nancy Lentz couldn’t agree more. She said having grandchildren close by keeps her and her husband up to date on technology and keeps them moving. They enjoy attending their band concerts, dance recitals, and sporting events. She also loves to have the grandchildren spend the night – which also gives their parents a break.

“It’s so comforting to know a quick trip for some hugs and kisses is doable,” Nancy said.

Susan and Dennis Nash have raised their granddaughter Maddie, who is now 18. Susan said there were times they wished they were enjoying retirement, but that Maddie has been such a joy to raise and has been worth every minute. Maddie grew up alongside their two youngest girls who loved having their niece/little sister to love on.

Raising a grandchild isn’t for the faint of heart. Susan said that she is the oldest “mom” at school, but that having Maddie in their home has kept her and her husband young.

“We have fun and I love her so much,” she said. “It’s worth it to know she’s taken care of.”

Maddie agrees completely. She said grandparents are special because they always support children no matter what they are going through. Her grandparents are her biggest cheerleaders who have never stopped encouraging her to reach for her dreams.

Those moments of unconditional love and support can give children the boost of confidence they always need. There is something special about grandparents that make kids of all ages feel loved and protected.

“She has helped me become a better person,” Maddie said of her grandmother.